A Review Of Religion and Vaccines



This article discusses the ethical issue of vaccinating children that goes against the parent’s belief. So what the article is talking about is whether it is immoral to force parents to vaccinate their children even if it supposedly violates their religious beliefs. Nowadays, children cannot be enrolled in public schools and other educational institutions unless they have been vaccinated for certain diseases (thus almost forcing all parents to vaccinate their children).

So in the article, it talks about a Roman Catholic father who tries to sue a school because his child was not allowed to enroll due to not being vaccinated. The father did not vaccinate his child because he claims the action goes against his Catholic belief. BUT here’s the thing, almost all religions do not show objection to vaccinating children or ever mention that it is immoral to vaccinate. Actually, the Catholic Church implicates that it would immoral to NOT have your child vaccinated because you are putting him/her at risk of developing a seriously fatal disease. This is a great article that adds to the religious portion of the ethical vaccine issue.


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