Funding the Costs of Disease Outbreaks Caused by Non Vaccination


Preventable diseases can be avoided if we have our children vaccinated. By not having children vaccinated would cause an undesirable amount of money to help prevent sickness and for treatments. If someone were to choose not to vaccinate then they would have to pay a fee. The reason for the fee is to cover the potential cost that would occur if their child were to get a preventable disease. “According to a recent study by William van Panhuis and colleagues, vaccines have prevented about 103 million cases of disease since 1924” (Moser, 2015). Outbreaks of disease are most likely to occur when herd immunity is broken down. Herd immunity is when a bunch of people are immunized. The importance of this is that it causes less spread of the illness because less people are sick to begin with. “In addition to preventing about 42,000 deaths and 20 million cases of disease, vaccines were estimated to save about $14.7 billion (2014 U.S. dollars) in direct costs and $75 billion (2014 U.S. dollars) in societal costs over the lifetime of the cohort” (Moser, 2015). There should be a fee for any non-vaccinated person so that their expenses are covered when they do end up getting the illness (Moser, 2015).


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