Exploring reasons for non-vaccination against human papillomavirus


HPV vaccination has caused a lot of concerns for the wellbeing of alot of children and respected families.  Getting the HPV vaccination creates an opportunity to be clear of cervical cancer but the process can be very strenuous to the parents and child.  Every country has a different process that they take families through; in particular the study I had looked at involved Italy offering free charge HPV vaccination to 11-year old girls since 2007.  Their plan was to increase the coverage on these vaccines, but they noticed that there were multiple barriers in the way.

They decided to conduct a study involving young girls who were unvaccinated and their parents.  Questionnaires were sent out to each family about HPV knowledge, source of information on HPV, perception of risk of contracting HPV, and the advice from the medical health professionals on HPV vaccination.  After the 1,738 questionnaires were analyzed, the main three barriers that prevented families from getting vaccinated included fear of adverse events (80%), lack of trust in a new vaccine (76%) and discordant information received by health professionals (54%).  That statistic shows that vaccinations aren’t as successful as one may think.  In regards to the points above, the main problem is that the information about a vaccine is not clear cut and it is not evidence-based. This leads families to view vaccines as more risky because of the lack of information presented. It is the duty of the physicians to play an active role in the child’s life as well as their parents.  Physicians have an obligation to seek information if they are unsure about a specific topic and report that to the family. In conclusion, families are less likely to get their child vaccinated if they aren’t provided with the right information.


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