Flu Vaccine

New Report Cites Benefits of Flu Vaccine Yet More Than Half of Americans Remain Unvaccinated

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are many benefits that the flu vaccine can provide.  It is estimated that the vaccination prevented over 80,000 hospitalizations and almost 7 million illnesses last year. The flu shot is very important to children of a young age because that is usually when they develop this illness, right out of the mother’s womb or a couple months after that. They are more vulnerable to receiving the flu which is why the CDC took charge in having almost over 70% of prevented hospitalizations. The CDC then used a statistical model to estimate the amount of illnesses that could be prevented and when the vaccination was the most successful.  They concluded that the greatest benefits came from the surplus amount of children who had the flu.  Once a big population is diagnosed, it is easier to prevent more illnesses as compared to only when a few have the flu and can be treated with other medication.  With that being said, they are continuing to increase the technology in estimating the impact of a flu shot. This provides evidence that the government is trying to become industrialized about vaccines and giving reason to parents for vaccinating their children.


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